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The GRAYMATTERS Webinar Series is Amnet’s initiative to bring together diverse voices and perspectives of industry pioneers and leaders to nurture and nourish the publishing ecosystem. We address the challenges and market dynamics of the publishing industry through insightful webinar sessions.

We have a lot more informative content lined up and hope to see you in all the future sessions of the Amnet GRAYMATTERS Webinar Series.

Past Webinars

ONIX 3.0 – Enabling a Global Marketplace

This webinar was about ONIX, its structure, and why it’s better and important to move to ONIX 3.0 from ONIX 2.1.

Accessibility: Matching Image Description to the Content

The webinar talks about how to analyze the combination of document purpose and existing text to decide on an appropriate description.

A Publisher’s Guide to Accessible Content

This free to attend webinar covers pertinent topics about the need, governing laws, formats, and implementation for accessibility in publishing.

A Practical Guide to Successful OA Publishing

Webinar series explores the concept of Open Science and Open Access Publishing and demonstrates how open access is now mainstream and a critical success factor for scientific publications.

Webinar- The Art of Alt: Making the Most of Alt Text

This free to attend webinar talks about how incorporating effective alt text into your web pages can open the door to a wider audience.